Traders Club Transformation Program

Every trade involves a planning phase. If a trader can develop an efficient process that leads to trade decisions, then his ability to execute improves. Around 90% of traders fail because they are inconsistent with trade execution. Our program focuses on developing trader process and overcoming psychological barriers.

Any planning has to be underpinned by strong knowledge of market forces and an understanding of market participant behavior. The transformation program offers 10 courses covering everything from capital flows across asset classes to advanced money management.


Introduction to Financial Trading

New Traders often need time to familiarize with the basic aspects of trading. This course will introduce you to all aspects of the MT4 platform. The different charting styles and the best time to apply them. You will also learn the dynamics of risk and how they relate to trading.

This part of the course will focus on providing the student with a deeper understanding of risk and money management. The trader should be more comfortable with the subject. You will also be introduced to market phases and economic indicators as pre-cursor to fundamental analysis.

New Traders are always confused by the number of indicators used for trading. We have narrowed it down. This course will focus on the few that work and how to best use them. We will also introduce the trader to the trend system Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

Asset Classes

This section of the course will introduce the trader to the different asset classes building a solid foundation on the relationship between assets and how best to trade these assets for maximum gain.

This part of the course focuses on derivatives. Derivatives are an important aspect of trading. The trader will gain and understanding of Options, Futures and Swaps and how we can make money from derivatives.

This part of the course will focus on capital flows being the final written section, we will be introducing the trader to different flows and how we can begin to identify these flows in actual trading. Capital flows help fund managers to handle risk in portfolios.

Practical Application

This is the first of the 2 week practical work. On this week, we will focus on Volume price analysis and how we can use multiple scenarios to examine price and activity.

This part of the course will focus on Fibonacci, Market Profile and all aspects of trade management. The trader will have real time experience in analysing markets.

Live Trading

Overview: Live trading in our live room.

Overview: Live trading in our live room.

“We are going to grow traders like they grow turtles in Singapore”

– Richard Dennis, Hedge Fund Mnager, Trader, Starter of the ‘Turtles Program’