Traders Club Introduction to Derivatives

Many traders are introduced to trading via the spot markets because brokers have sold it as an arena that you can make endless money. The truth is, trading is a complete experience and every aspect needs to be learned and understood. There is no special secret, traders who are doing well have better information by this I don’t mean a better news feed, I simply mean better market knowledge and it is this market understanding that leads to profit. E.g. Did you know that Interbank Options affect the Spot markets in an extreme way? Did you know that the futures market is the purest market in the world and has no spreads? This is simple market knowledge that could be either saving you money or improving your bottom line.

The Introduction to Derivatives course will teach you how professional traders trade Options and Futures in the major global exchanges. You will be able to see why you may have been struggling, if you are succeeding, this could be another weapon in your arsenal that could improve your bottom line. Did you know that trading Bank Vanilla Options could reduce the risk on cash trades considerably similar to an insurance policy? Think about all the losses that could have been mitigated or prevented. Brokers participate in the Options market to hedge their risk. Why don’t you? It’s time to take action and complete your knowledge.

“We are going to grow traders like they grow turtles in Singapore”

– Richard Dennis, Hedge Fund Mnager, Trader, Starter of the ‘Turtles Program’