Traders Club London

We change lives!

What is Traders Club London?

Traders Club London offers experienced and new traders a unique opportunity to learn and trade financial markets; underpinning their strategy with a unique look into capital flows, market sentiment and risk analysis. An opportunity to work with professional traders from the City of London and a chance to take a look into the depth of markets that very few will have an opportunity to do.

New Traders – An opportunity to join our transformation program that will birth you into the world of trading as a trader. We believe that courses alone won’t help a trader to succeed. Successful traders rely on process and a deep understanding market mechanics. Stop wasting time with “get rich quick” indicators and crash courses and see markets for what they are… A minefield for capital.

So don’t be a tinkerer… Be a trader.

Experienced Traders – Traders Club London could always use a new set of eyes on the market. Professional traders have no opinions, we follow the money. So join us and let us unlock our potential together.

“We are going to grow traders like they grow turtles in Singapore”

– Richard Dennis, Hedge Fund Mnager, Trader, Starter of the ‘Turtles Program’